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Predicare AB

Predicare Ab
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Who are we - really?

We do not believe in putting makeup on a pig or neon colored letters on the wall. We are exactly who we say we are, which is amazing in some ways and challenging in others - just like all other companies.

We can promise you however, that if what you are reading here resounds in you - you will most likely feel right at home with us. It is just that simple.

  • We save lives

    The work we do is crucial. Our product RETTS assists in making quicker and more high quality decisions within emergency care. Many of us have a background, or a career in parallel with Predicare, as paramedics and/or ER nurses.

  • We have a lot of work to do

    Our product has been used and well known for several years within emergency care. If you are someone wanting to work with a product that is even a verb - here it is. Most of our users say they will "RETTS:a" their patients. Despite this, we are in many ways still a start-up and have a lot to do still in developing our product and our version of the best possible place to work.

  • We are initiative-junkies

    At our company, everyone help solve whatever needs to be solved in order to help eachother out or improve our company. We have our own responsibilities of course, but every single one of us are more than willing to help with whatever else is needed, within our own domain as well as outside of it.

  • We are profitable & financially stable

    We have earned money from the start and are a profitable company. The fall of 2019 we successfully raised capital with the sole purpose of growing our team and minds and business into Predicare 2.0. For us working here this means that although we are a start-up when it comes to parts of the software and building a great culture - we are not a start-up when it comes to financial risk. Great huh? :)


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